Can you feel “at home” at an event?

Meetings and conferences usually fill most hours of the day. And between meeting and meeting, your guests deserve to relax as if they were at home. It is one of the most significant trends in events, because if you make the attendees feel comfortable, they will surely remember your brand and what you wanted to communicate.

How can you convey that 'home’ like feeling in a professional setting? We enter a territory related with Psychology: it is a matter of helping other people to consider themselves 'owners' of the space so it is easy to interact with the rest. That's why furniture matters, a lot: choose venues that offer armchairs, sofas and poufs instead of the typical tables and chairs, so your guests feel that they are chatting with friends instead of holding a meeting.

You will find this, for instance, at the NH Conference Center Leeuwenhorst. It has 11 recently refurbished open areas designed to encourage inspiration and networking. All of them have natural light and are designed to develop the most informal teamwork sessions, face-to-face meetings, group sessions, creative or even gaming, with the idea of stimulating and promoting the comfort and productivity of all attendees.

The icing on the cake? Include healthy and quality food and drink that will catch their eye or their stomach.

Surely your guests will describe your event as a great experience.
Relax with comfort in the events
Relax with comfort in the events

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